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Because your eyes will fool you...

Draw what you see... Not what you THINK you see

Constructing a strong foundation for a drawing or painting can be difficult and time consuming. Sometimes we draw what we think we see rather than what we actually see.  

Miira Artist Tools is dedicated to making the drawing experience for visual artists easier and faster.

View Frame and our mobile app, Miira for iOS are dynamic view finding tools for artists, art students and art instructors that makes learning and teaching the foundations of art easy, fast and accurate.

From composition to solving problems, View Frame and Miira for iOS are essential tools that will help artists improve their drawing skills and assist instructors while teaching the foundations of drawing.

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Introducing... VIEW FRAME II

We released the original View Frame a little over four years ago and along the way, we listened to our customer's suggestions about making improvements. Because of that feedback, we've made a brand new View Frame that's better than ever. 

A Simple Tool that Works

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"While setting up a still-life or a model, the View Frame allows me to try out different croppings while also testing out thirds/diagonals, intersections, and crucial relationships. The design is paramount! View Frame becomes a great back-up tool for checking my work throughout the drawing stage. I know from my learning and instructing experience at the Academy of Realist Art, Boston that the more you draw, and the more you are able to accurately check your drawing attempts to make corrections, the more technically proficient you will become as an artist.”

Julie Beck, Assistant Director, Academy of Realist Art, Boston