View Frame, The Next Generation

Coming Soon

View Frame is a modern view finding tool that makes creating, learning and teaching the foundations of art easy, fast and accurate.

Teach and Learn Foundational Skills like:

Understanding and Translating Linear Perspective

Measuring Proportions & Foreshortening

Scale, Composition & The Rule of Thirds

Grid System

Tilts and Angles

It's a view finder too!

Compose with Miira Artist Tools, in seconds flat

Visual composition and problem solving tools for all levels of artistic development

This modern view finder is

- Portable
- Solves multiple visual art problems
- Has removable & adjustable guides
- Patent Pending


Miira for iOS

Visual intuition at your fingertips



Converge. Diverge. Create.

Learn, design, reference and resolve complex artistic problems in real-time.

Use it's intelligent design tools to register things like linear perspective and much more on a live camera fee, blank canvas or captured image. 

Miira for iOS is a dynamic and intuitive tool for all creative types.

From the palm of your hand, you can translate 3-D objects to the 2D plane in record time. 

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