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View Frame II & Miira for iOS

View Frame II

View Frame II is a modern view finding tool that makes creating, learning and teaching the foundations of art easy, fast and accurate.

Teach and Learn Foundational Skills like:

Understanding and Translating Linear Perspective

Measuring Proportions & Foreshortening

Scale, Composition & The Rule of Thirds

Grid System

Tilts and Angles


Compose with Miira Artist Tools, in seconds flat

Visual composition and problem solving tools for all levels of artistic development

This modern view finder is

- Portable
- Solves multiple visual art problems
- Has removable & adjustable guides
- Patent Pending

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Miira for iOS

Visual intuition at your fingertips



Converge. Diverge. Create.

Learn, design, reference and resolve complex artistic problems in real-time.

Use it's intelligent design tools to register things like linear perspective and much more on a live camera fee, blank canvas or captured image. 

Miira for iOS is a dynamic and intuitive tool for all creative types.

From the palm of your hand, you can translate 3-D objects to the 2D plane in record time. 

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