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Translating Reality

As a seasoned art instructor, the founder of Miira Artist Tools™ knew there was a simpler and fun way to take reality to canvas. As with many great inventions, patent pending View Frame by Miira Artist Tools™ and mobile Miira for iOS™ were developed out of Leslie Lienau’s own desire to create modern problem solving tools for visual artists and art instructors.

Drawing Foundations begin with Miira Artist Tools

Miira Artist Tools,™ LLC and its partners realize the value of art. It continues to inspire, cultivate and often impact our world more than words can. Our mission is to simplify the prepwork in the creative process by developing powerful and innovative tools for the visual artist, the designer, the architect, art student, art instructor — or anyone who wishes or needs to learn.

Create with confidence

Our products inspire excellence through more positive methods and practice. The tools instill clarity and understanding, fostering artistic growth and accomplishment.


  Leslie Lienau
  CEO + Founder 

Leslie invented the View Frame with the help of her son, Seth Capshaw. She is the Founding Director and Principal Instructor at The Conservatory for Classical Art in Edmond, OK. Leslie has been a professional artist for three decades and has been teaching drawing and painting in the academic tradition for over 20 years.  


 Seth Capshaw
 Lead Designer
Co-inventor of View Frame, Seth also designed the user interface and wire frame for the Miira mobile app for iOS. In addition to being a freelance designer, he does absolutely everything for Miira, from branding our company to putting labels on boxes.   www.sethcapshaw.com


Benjamin Capshaw
Advertising - The University of Oklahoma

Ben works as an unpaid creative intern for us, which involves creative and humorous copywriting, social media, video editing, and marketing strategy.

"Hard work will set you free."


 Robert Capshaw     

  Robert Capshaw               
  Founding Investor

Robert is an Account Manager for Carlson Systems. He has over 25 years sales experience and in his free time is an Oil & Gas and Real Estate Investor. Filled with enthusiasm and support, our company has become stronger due to his efforts and generosity.

Miira Artist Tools, LLC
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