Building a Foundation with Miira - A Guest Post

I am pleased to present a second guest post from my student Kiana Daneshmand. Kiana has been studying with me for several years and her talent is exceptional. She was another willing and eager beta tester for Miira, the application we developed for iOS. I believe that Kiana’s story will be inspiring and motivating.

Using the Miira app to get a likeness
By Kiana Daneshmand

Audrey Hepburn, By Kiana Daneshmand, Graphite on Paper

When I first started drawing Audrey Hepburn, I used the Miira app on my iPhone to achieve an envelope fast and accurately. But getting the envelope down was only the first step. There were still all of the features and shadow shapes to think about. Plus, since Audrey Hepburn is a well known actress, I knew it was important to make sure there was a likeness. In order to accomplish this, I used the line tool to help find the placement of things such as her eyes, nose, and mouth. After getting those down, I was able to block in the shadows and start to see a good similarity. I was able to check my work as I went along and make minor adjustments when needed using the overlay tool. When I was pleased with the foundation I had built, I was ready to start adding details. Using the Miira app made it easier to get a really good likeness and a satisfying finished product.

Born in California, Kiana Daneshmand is a beginner artist who enjoys working in the medium of painting. Prior to taking art classes about a year and a half ago, she worked mainly with graphite and some charcoal. Although she has only just begun painting she hopes to develops her artistic abilities in years to come. A couple of Kiana’s favorite artists include Thomas Kinkade, and Kelvin Okafor. They inspire her to work hard and one day be as good as them.

How does Kiana's story capture your imagination? How can the Miira app help you to create? Share your story and images with us via email at