Space/Shape Relationships & Using Triangulation - A Guest Post

Many thanks to Melissa Miller Nece, CPSA, MAA for this guest post, in which she describes how she helped a student during a recent workshop, understand space/shape relationships using View Frame. See links to Melissa's website at the end of the story...

"Besides using the View Frame to help explain perspective in my drawing classes, I have found it’s useful for explaining other kinds of drawing relationships. The student working on a dog portrait had trouble understanding the relationships between the dog’s eyes and nose until I placed the View Frame right on the photo and aligned the parts with the magnetic guides. 


Seeing that the features made a triangle, and how it aligned with the center line of the muzzle, made it much easier for the artist to get a good start on her drawing. 


Most of the class came over to observe how we used the View Frame on the photo, and then the student was able to compare how well she’d drawn the angles by holding it above her drawing. She was easily able to see the necessary corrections."

The View Frame will be going along to all my classes now, not just drawing.


Melissa Miller Nece, drawing and painting instructor, Dunedin (FL) Fine Art Center