Using the View Frame En Plein Air - A guest post

There are many ways View Frame can help the artist build a foundation for a drawing or a painting. In this post, artist Katie Prior shares her process for making a painting en plein air.

Using the View Frame, en plain air, by Katie Prior

"The crew from Miira Artist Tools joined me today while I was painting the historic Union Station in downtown Oklahoma City. They wanted to capture how I use the View Frame en plein air. First, I lined up the horizontal guides with the horizon line, the bottom of the roof, the top of the roof, and the top of the tower. Then, I added two vertical guides - one for the left side of the tower and the other for the utility pole on the right side of the composition. This allowed me to easily match up all my guides and have the same composition each time I looked through the View Frame. This saved me a lot of time as I finished the sketch in roughly 20 minutes and could then move onto painting while the light was still good."